sound better. on every stage.

sound better. on every stage.

S . D . G .

Adoro Worship Series


Did you ever ask yourself if there are "real" drums that work in such sensible, drum hostile situations as in theaters, clubs or churches? Well, certainly, there are...

Cut the volume -

They might look like other drums, but our Worship Series is designed to excel in low- to medium-volume settings. They also have something none of those others have: Decibel Reduction Design (DRD). This innovative – and only from Adoro – volume-reducing feature means you can play like you always do, get crisp but warm stroke articulation with seriously rich tone…and yet your volume will be in average 3-6 decibels lower than a typical drum.

How much less volume is 3 to 6db? That is 2 to 4 times less loud*. This makes Worship Series ideal for recording studios, smaller stages, lower-volume gigs… anywhere tone quality and dynamic control are more important than sheer volume.

boost your tone.

*Because the sound pressure level (SPL) of volume doubles every 3db, 3db is 50% less loud and a 6db reduction is 400% less loud. By comparison, a guitar amplifier requires 100% more power – 50-watts needs to be 100 watts – to be just 3db louder.

How do these drums do that? It’s a Stefan Korth concept and an Adoro secret. But we will tell you that by cutting the volume, the stroke definition is better defined and the tone becomes more dominant. This means the sound, like that of a great acoustic guitar, is musically richer and fuller, which is so important when playing quieter situations.

To ensure subtle attack and tonal warmth, Worship Series drums are fitted with Adoro Heritage heads.

Maple version

Our worship series comes in two different versions: an all maple set, and an all walnut set. The sound difference is suble but noticable, mainly with the kick and snare. Our maple series has a bit more punch and brighter overall sound, and it is slightly louder.


Walnut version

The walnut version of our worship series is even more subtle, has some more low end and less attack, and is our choice for the most difficult acoustic situations as in cathedrals and orchestra halls. The warm sound is also a pretty good fit for all singer/songwriter settings.


Finish options:
maple silk
walnut silk
champagne sparkle
custom finish