Have you ever heard of volume-reduced drums? What about sticks with Dual Loop Reflex Tips and a bass beater that cut volume by up to 80%? How about a bass drum pedal with multiple patent-pending innovations named the Lotus Convertible? Or drumheads that deliver vintage warm responses with less volume?


Welcome to Adoro. If you’ve never heard of those or us before now, that is understandable: we’re not as big nor as loud as other serious brands. We are about intelligently innovative design concepts, great sound, and pro performance quality, with the focus of our drums being on tone, not volume.

But isn’t such excellence what you would expect from a German drum maker whose experience as a player and discoveries as a designer taught him that drums do not need to be loud to be heard? That's what mic's are for... Loudness makes you plug your ears and shuts down your mind. Ouch! And muting kills the sound. Our less loud drums are about playing and listening, not plugging the channels to your centre of creativity.

Yes, great tone speaks volumes. And I have discovered a design concept that ensures Adoro drums do exactly that – they put tone first.

Stefan Korth

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