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Quiet. Without the cost.

Low volume with a great stick feel!

Adoro presents Silent Sticks & Beater. With these unique sticks, it is possible to perform on drums low volume without compromise in the way you play. Adoro Silent Sticks were designed to achieve the feel and sound of sticks, at a fracture of the regular volume of sticks.

Adoro Silent Sticks and Adoro Worship Drums: an unbeatable Team!

Especially in combination with our Adoro Worship Series, the Silent Sticks can play out their advantages: being really a sensitive drum set, the sticks deliver a full and rich sound even when played lightly. By the construction, the shells sing quickly and effortlessly, and have a full, rich tone, without getting as loud as a regular set. Even when played with regular sticks, these drums are considerably less loud than most drums. In combination with our Silent Sticks and Beater, you now can master volume levels that never seemed possible. Try it out, you will not give away the Silent Sticks once you tried them!





Adoro USA

7200 NW 111th St.
OKC Oklahoma 73162

phone: +1 (405) 614-0685


Hauptstra├če 64a
22869 Schenefeld/HH
phone: +49 (40) 41286679

about us

Adoro Drums is a manufacturer of drums and hardware based in Hamburg, Germany. Our main focus is on building acoustic drums for acoustic purposes, as for churches, theaters, orchestras ... [read more: about us]


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