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Our shells

Obviously the shell is the part of the drum that has the main attention. While for beginner drum sets it is wiser to settle for working hardware and good drum heads, a decent shell bekomes essential when it comes to "grown ups" drum sets. Why is that? Well, of course most of the sound is produced by the drum head itself, and the sound is most influenced by the drummer, his stick, and the sizes and perfection of the drum shell. This brings us as close as up to 90% towards a good drum sound. But if you don't want to settle for less, the shell material itself becomes important. And we are kind of that way. The difference is very much audible, more than you might think in first place. It is not so much that it just sounds better, it  f e e l s  better too. The drums start to speak to you, and hopefully you start to listen. I happen to play less on a great sounding drum set, just because every single sound is so unique, vivid; I want to give it room to breathe. 

Many myths are being told concerning the influence of wood though. Some might say certain woods are best used for this or that kind of music; this might be true for some materials, in as much as cheap cymbals work best in loud music (which is where they are least audible...). We belive that it is not so much in the material the shell is made of, especially since, as mentioned above, up to 90% of the sound is influenced by other things than the wood type. If you have a good instrument wood, it will work in any kind of music. Just play our drums, and you will belive...


hot pressHot pressed, not stirred.

Adoro is one of very few drum companies in europe to produce their own drum shells -without exploding in costs. We use hot presses to form the shells, as it is actual industrial standard. The shell dries faster, and has less water. This results in a nice, resonating shell, with up to four times thicker plys than many other shells. 


Green Drums

For our custom sets, the material of our choice is beech, which has a long tradition in german drum building. It is harder and heavier than maple, thus giving a nice, deep tone to the shell. It has been the first choice for high end drums since decades and rises to be popular again due to many uprising custom drum companies in germany lately that are willing to not compromise for a good sound.

Our wood is 100% controlled german beech wood, as well as for the many other wood types we use. We avoid using foreign woods if possible: even though the price might be cheaper, the cerosin it takes to transport it to us lets us value our own trees again. We try our best to make all our drums green...


Built to  l a s t

Our Drums, as all good instruments, are built to last for decades. We take pride in the fact that someone, twentyfive years from now, will sure play our Drums and enjoy them (well, hopefully with new drumheads...).  To build something that lasts longer than a trend, to create a pice of art that is enjoyed vividly even after many excessive years of use; this thought is what drives us to give our best with every shell we build, with every drum we finish. And after all, we want to reflect the creativity our creator has put into us and give HIM honor: Soli Deo Gloria.




- Drums for exceptional artists



Adoro USA

7200 NW 111th St.
OKC Oklahoma 73162

phone: +1 (405) 614-0685


Hauptstraße 64a
22869 Schenefeld/HH
phone: +49 (40) 41286679

about us

Adoro Drums is a manufacturer of drums and hardware based in Hamburg, Germany. Our main focus is on building acoustic drums for acoustic purposes, as for churches, theaters, orchestras ... [read more: about us]


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