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New brochure online!

Our new brochure exclusivly for our worship series is now also available in english. Here we feature our new versions of our low volume drums (not only) for churches. The english PDF (4,1MB) can be downloaded  here or via click on the large image, for other languages see below.

If you are interested in passing on the informations, as to your church or worship leader, please contact us for hard copy. Simply email us ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), and let us know who we should send the brochure to.

Thanks again to Brian Doerksen, who not only was one of our first customers, but who also does not miss any chance to support us and praise our drums in the highest...

Sincerly, your adoro crew...


Brochure 2014, PDF, 2 MB, English

Brochure 2014, PDF, 2,5MB, German

Brochure 2014, PDF, 2,4MB, Russian
Brochure print PDF, 17MB, Russian


- Drums for exceptional artists



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about us

Adoro Drums is a manufacturer of drums and hardware based in Hamburg, Germany. Our main focus is on building acoustic drums for acoustic purposes, as for churches, theaters, orchestras ... [read more: about us]


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