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World record with Adoro!

A whole town  is turned topsy-turvy, a whole day long it is all about drums, and on the way  we will try to set up a new Guinness World Record. And all amongst: Adoro!

In August 30th in Trier a happening will take place, the "Trier trommelt" ("Trier plays drums") event, organized by the "Lebenshilfe Trier", and at the top of this event the attempt will be made to break the Guinness World Record in playing a roll with more than 1500 people, for at least 3,5 minutes to break the original record set up 2001 by The Monkeys. Adoro supports it by supplying with 1500 snare drums. 

Many of the musicians might want to take their instrument back home; the other instruments we will sell here online after the event, together with a certificate that states that the snare took part in the world record drum event.

We also still need every availlable drummer to come and play with us and maybe also lead a team of drummers. If you are interested, please apply at the official website:


- Drums for exceptional artists



Adoro USA
9001 Charis Rd.
Guthrie, OK 73044
phone: +1 (405) 614-0685

Showroom Germany
Osterbrooksweg 35
22869 Schenefeld/HH
phone: +49 (40) 41286679

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Adoro Drums is a manufacturer of drums and hardware based in Hamburg, Germany. Our main focus is on building acoustic drums for acoustic purposes, as for churches, theaters, orchestras ... [read more: about us]


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