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Jeremy Camp & David Crowder Band on Tour with Adoro Drums

Just a short note on what's going on: This Summer Jeremy Camp and David Crowder Band are touring Germany playing Adoro Custom Drums. We will supply two of our Kits of the brand new City Light line; Adoro had been well known for building low-volume-drums (adoro worship series) for perfect volume controll, these drums are *slightly* louder and less intimate, though still sounding full and crisp. The City Light series are true custom sets, since we do not need to follow certain rules as for the worship Series, anything is possible.

The tour will cover Scotland, Ireland, Germany and Netherlands, for details look at the bands website.

The Drummers are Jeremy Bush (DCB) and Leif (Jeremy Camp).


David Crowder Band "Here is our King"


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Adoro Drums is a manufacturer of drums and hardware based in Hamburg, Germany. Our main focus is on building acoustic drums for acoustic purposes, as for churches, theaters, orchestras ... [read more: about us]


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