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Worship Series, Champagne Sparkle

5teiliges Kesselset mit Maple Kesseln, inkl. Tom Halter
Bass Drum
Additional Toms

Worship set w/100% maple shells!

5piece shell set:

18x15" Bass Drum, 6mm, withbass drum riser for perfect positioning of the foot pedal. All shells come with individually cut 45° bearing edges, manually sanded, a bit rounded on batter side. Mellow and warm sound guaranteed!

12x6" Snare Drum, 5mm, Super Hoops, custom phosphor bronze snare wire. huge tuning range, warm character

10x6" & 12x7" Toms, 5mm, with suspesium mounts and tom mounts for L-rod-mount from 9,5mm, incl. tom holder. Very resonant, high tuning range

14x11" Floor Tom, 5mm. This floor tom sounds warm and deep, and thanks to the shallow size controlled and tonal well defined. The sound character stays true acoustically over wide distances.

Thanks to the shallow shells the drum kit responds quickly and precise. The 18" Bass drum sounds round and punchy. Over all a well balanced, open, warm sound, as sought after in rock and jazz music. In direct comparisson with the walnut shells maple have a bit more punch and a bit less bottom, especially the bass drum, which makes it the first choice formo

Drum Heads:

Adoro Heritage / Classic SD (Toms), SD Coated/ Heritage (Bass Drum), Heritage  / Resonance (Snare)
recommended for long sustain and reduced attack, perfect for bright sounding rooms



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